After you have created a Data Acquisition Server inside of Vitality, the next step is to add the device.  This can be easily done by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: under "Hardware" select "Devices"

Step 3: Click on "New" on the left side of the screen

Step 4: Fill out the form accordingly

The device status is used for future, inactive or devices under maintenance.  

  • “OK” means that the device should be reporting, 
  • “Maintenance” is for existing devices that are under maintenance or not pushing data to Vitality
  • “Review” is for devices that have suspicious data or are in need of commissioning
  • “Inactive” is for devices that are inactive but you still wish to have access to the data that is warehoused inside Vitality
  • “Future” is for devices that are not yet connected to Vitality but planned to be connected soon.  

a. Select the Device Type, IE, power, water or gas meter.
b. Select property the device will be assigned to.
c. Under "Data Source" select the server the device is found under.  
d. Click "Save"

Step 5: Connect the device.  

If you have multiple device, search for the device in the search bar.  

Click on "Connect" under "Connection"

Step 6: Connect the device in the EFW Meters List

You will be directed to a screen that shows all of the devices being reported to our servers based off of the Mac Address.  

Click Connect to the appropriate meter

Step 7: Connect the registers

Now that the device has been connected, you can connect the registers inside the device to the default registers Vitality provides.  

To do this, simple find the register on the list and then select the register in the drop down box to the left. 

Click Save.  

Congratulations!  You have added your device.  You can now find the device under the historian where the property is saved.  

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